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Standard Client Release & Agreement

Client Agrees To The Following:

Section A-D Is mandatory to book shoot.

a) When using images online to give "image credit" by tagging and or typing with each image
Agree section A
b) Altering Sandra Hext Photography/Sandra Hext images/designs in any way is strictly prohibited, images/designs cannot be sold for profit indirectly/directly and cannot be used for any profit/non profit business or commercial purposes
Agree Section B
c) I (the client) indemnifies Sandra Hext Photography/Sandra Hext against all possible liabilities, damages, expenses incurred during the session and will make no further financial claim for any reason to Sandra Hext Photography/Sandra Hext. Breach of this agreement will result in all applicable image/design licensing fee's being billed.
Agree Section C
d) I (the client) understand that all images/designs released to me are for my personal use/printing/distribution only, all image/design negatives/edits remain the sole property of Sandra Hext Photography/Sandra Hext.
Agree Section D
e) **THANK YOU in advance for allowing me to grow my portfolio, by agreeing to this section** Sandra Hext Photography/Sandra Hext reserves the right to use images for all purposes including but not limited to: social media,, promotion/sales/packaging of/for any advertising purpose.
I Agree E
I Agree , that my photos may be featured on Sandra Hext Website or Social Media ONLY - no other advertising
I Agree , that my photos may be featured on Sandra Hext Website ONLY - no other external advertising / social media
I Agree E - However I Do Not Agree to Share bare skin/bare belly photos
I Do Not Agree ( to section E)
I understand and will comply with health and safety guidelines (image below)
I Agree to health and safety
Date & Time of Shoot Your Cell # E-mail
Type of Shoot
Newborn Package 1
Newborn Package 2
Newborn Package 3
Newborn Package 4
Maternity & Newborn Package ( Parents Included in both shoots)
Maternity & Newborn Package ( Parents & Siblings Included in both shoots)
Your address ( Package 4 only ) What is your baby’s full name Due date or day of birth :
Gender of Baby
Older Siblings (included in shoot ) Name and Age *** Family Pose Only** Which Colour tops do you plan to wear ?
Do you have colours in mind for your shoot? Limit to your top 5 favorites
Whites - crisp, clean simple
Creams & Neutrals , Light Greys
Light Greys & Neutrals
Darker & Lighter Greys
Rose Pink, Light Magenta
Dark Blues & Navy
Baby Blues
Light & Bright Purples
Yellows and Creams
Hunter Greens with Rustic Browns
Sage Green
Teals, Aquas
Are there any specific shots or angles you are looking for? * Please TELL/SHOW me before your session Signature : type your name here Referred by a Friend - pls list name. Gift Cert Code/ Coupon Code/ Submit

Newborn Release

By completing this you agree that you are at least 18 years old & possess full legal capacity to execute this agreement on behalf of all parties/persons being photographed.

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