Sandra Hext Photography

When to book

The sooner you contact me, the sooner we can start creating your custom session. Contact me no later than 4 weeks before your desired date.

I suggest doing maternity photos around 34-36 weeks (depending on each individual).

During your session

Arrive on time ( no need to arrive early for the newborn session you will have time to feed during the session).

Do not feed your older children food during your session. For longer newborn sessions you can bring snacks but avoid anything that will stain teeth or skin.

Final images

Sneak peeks will be sent to you via email within 5 days. The full gallery will be sent to you 3 weeks from the shoot dates give or take a day. Your gallery will allow you to select the photo number from your packages. With the option to order more photos or your entire album for a flat rate of $100.

What will be edited?

Things you can expect that will be removed in Photoshopped:

  • Pimples

  • Scratches

  • Cuts

  • Bruises on the face

  • Boogers in the nose or on the face

  • Tears

  • Stretch marks on pregnant belly

  • Newborn session: Baby skin all blemishes

  • Sweat on face

  • Scars and birthmarks *** if requested only*** you are beautiful already

Additional editing fees apply for custom editing requests including :

  • Weight reduction, wrinkle reduction, bags under eyes, braces, veins, sweating through clothing, adding/removing things in photos, adding hair volume, or removing hair volume. Switching or changing the faces of people, removing wrinkles from clothing removing bra straps, tattoo removal, grey hair removal, and teeth color.

  • stains on clothing will attempt to be removed however some may prove to be more time-consuming than others therefore I cannot guarantee stain removal so please try to keep clothing stain free and wrinkle-free.


Do you provide props for newborn shoots?

  • Yes! I have a ton of wraps blankets baskets headbands and more. Ask me if there is something specific you have in mind. Also, you are more than welcome to bring some of your time or mementos!

Do you provide maternity outfits?

  • I do have several maternity gowns in adjustable sizes, let me know before the shoot date if you are interested.

Do you provide children's outfits?

  • No, you must provide your outfit for all children's shoots including cake smashes.

Do you have a studio space?

  • You can book your shoot at my studio space, in my house on McAnulty Blvd L8H 3H4, an outdoor location, or I can come to your home and stage a space there in an open space by a window utilizing natural lighting. Shoots in the client's home (your home) do require a minimum of 1 hour booking.

  • I do not guarantee specific shots. However, I will do my absolute best if you have a specific pose that is your top priority please let me know and I will make sure to complete that photo first.
  • If kids do not cooperate/cried during the photo session I will not be able to guarantee specific poses if this is the case.
  • If children are cooperative and willing to do initial poses I always try to do more poses within your time frame however because of this some shoots may vary and some people may end up getting more poses in a time frame than others depending on the cooperation level of children.