Sandra Hext Photography

Standard Client Release & Agreement

Client Agrees To The Following:

Section A-D Is mandatory to book shoot.

a) When using images online to give "image credit" by tagging and or typing with each image
Agree section A
b) Altering Sandra Hext Photography/Sandra Hext images/designs in any way is strictly prohibited, images/designs cannot be sold for profit indirectly/directly and cannot be used for any profit/non profit business or commercial purposes
Agree Section B
c) I (the client) indemnifies Sandra Hext Photography/Sandra Hext against all possible liabilities, damages, expenses incurred during the session and will make no further financial claim for any reason to Sandra Hext Photography/Sandra Hext. Breach of this agreement will result in all applicable image/design licensing fee's being billed.
Agree Section C
d) I (the client) understand that all images/designs released to me are for my personal use/printing/distribution only, all image/design negatives/edits remain the sole property of Sandra Hext Photography/Sandra Hext.
Agree Section D
e) **THANK YOU in advance for allowing me to grow my portfolio, by agreeing to this section** Sandra Hext Photography/Sandra Hext reserves the right to use images for all purposes including but not limited to: social media,, promotion/sales/packaging of/for any advertising purpose.
I Agree E
I Agree , that my photos may be featured on Sandra Hext Website or Social Media ONLY - no other advertising
I Agree , that my photos may be featured on Sandra Hext Website ONLY - no other external advertising / social media
I Agree E - However I Do Not Agree to Share bare skin/bare belly photos
I Do Not Agree ( to section E)
I understand and will comply with health and safety guidelines (image below)
I Agree to health and safety
Date & Time of Shoot Your Cell # E-mail
Type of Shoot
Maternity Standard
Maternity & Newborn Package ( Parents Included in both shoots)
Maternity & Newborn Package ( Parents & Siblings Included in both shoots)
Location: In studio / your home / other location: Are the any specific shots or angles you are looking for? Or any photos that inspired your shoot? Please attach photos. Are you interested in using my maternity gowns? Do you have outfits already in mind ? Describe: Gift Cert Code/ Coupon Code Signature : type your name here Other info : Submit

Maternity Release

By completing this you agree that you are at least 18yrs old & possess full legal capacity to execute this agreement on behalf of all parties/persons being photographed.

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